The Rich’s Estate: Our Agents Share Why Tanglin Properties Are Expensive

When someone mentions Tanglin, the first word that comes to your mind will probably be “luxury”. That should come as no surprise for anyone familiar with the estate. One glance, and you will notice the rows of prestigious apartments, semi-detached houses, and condominiums littered throughout the place. Moreover, surrounding these high-end properties are famous five-star hotels such as Shangri-La Singapore.

That is why there is no surprise when District 10 – which consist of Tanglin, Holland Village, and Bukit Timah – was listed as the most expensive residence in Singapore back in 2018. The district’s fame has attracted plenty of interest from wealthy investors and expats alike. The estate’s close proximity to the Central Business Districts of Singapore (CBD) and the abundance of amenities scattered nearby the area have only further made the properties in Tanglin an attractive proposition to them.

However, for anyone familiar with Tanglin’s history, this should come as no surprise. When the British colonized Singapore, Tanglin was an ideal place to set up plantations to harvest gambier, sireh, pepper, and nutmeg due to its fertile and well-drained slopes.

Many of the wealthy European owners of these plantations also took up residence in the surrounding areas, with many of the roads surrounding the estate subsequently name after some of its famous residents. The name “Tanglin” is believed to originate from the estate’s most famous resident William Napier, who was Singapore’s first lawyer. He named the house he stayed in Tang Leng, and that name has since become synonymous with the estate.

As we can see, Tanglin has been home to the wealthy elites since the colonial era. Even when the Singapore government decided to revamp Tanglin back in 1980, they elected to keep to keep its status as the rich’s estate intact by designating Tanglin as a Good Class Bungalow area. While the area no longer serves as a plantation site, Tanglin still serves as a convenient estate for the wealthy expats to live in since most of them work in the CBD areas of Singapore. Therefore, it is no wonder the properties in Tanglin are constantly in demand with this particular group of buyers.

Why are properties in Tanglin expensive?

However, regardless of whether you are an expat looking for a new home as you relocate to Singapore or a local looking to invest in a property in Tanglin, you can expect luxurious properties at extravagant prices. Even as you are rushing off to sell your property to reinvest in your new home in Tanglin, you are probably also wondering why the properties in this estate are so expensive compared to the other areas of Singapore. Let us share the reasons why.

1. Amenities

The surrounding amenities are perhaps the most important reason why properties in Tanglin are so expensive. You cannot underestimate the convenience of having quick access to healthcare facilities, eateries, and grocery stores. After all, convenience is frequently the buzzword for many property buyers when they are scouting for a new house to purchase.

The estate has a dedicated shopping mall, Tanglin Mall, to serve the Tanglin community. While the complex is noticeably smaller compared to the mega malls found in Orchard, it contains several stores that sell essential supplies such as food, pharmaceuticals, and children’s clothing. Additionally, there is a supermarket located in the basement of the mall – Tanglin Marketplace – that offers residents a wide variety of groceries imported from many different countries, albeit at a higher price point compared to its counterparts.

Tanglin Mall is also not the only shopping center located in the district. Should you tire of the options available in Tanglin Mall, you can head over to Tanglin Shopping Center, Cluny Court, or Serene Center for your dining and shopping needs. Tanglin Shopping Center and Cluny Court also each host a Cold Storage for your grocery needs should you prefer a cheaper alternative to Tanglin Marketplace.

If you are looking for cheaper hawker fares, Tanglin is situated between two famous food centers, Adam Road Food Center and Newton Food Center. Depending on where your new property in Tanglin is situated, you might have to travel a fair distance to reach the respective hawker centers. Still, we guarantee the food available is definitely worth the time spent getting there.

However, if you are unable to find what you are looking for in Tanglin, Orchard Road is only a stone’s throw away. There are several supermarkets in the surrounding areas, so you never have to fear the items you need are out of stock. If you can’t find something in one store, head on over to the next one as they are only a few minutes walk apart from each other. Moreover, with the numerous entertainment and dining options you can find in Orchard, your family members will never have to worry about what to eat or how to spend their weekends.

However, food and entertainment are not the only needs your family has. While the hope is that everyone in the family can stay perfectly healthy at all times, we know that occasionally someone will fall ill. During these times, it is crucial for the sick to get medical treatment immediately. Fortunately, several world-class medical facilities, such as Tanglin Medical Clinic, Camden Medical Center, and Gleneagles Hospital, are only a few minutes drive away, and they provide 24/7 medical care to the local and expat communities alike.

Additionally, if you are a nature lover or enjoy exercising, you will be glad to know that the Botanic Gardens is situated within the Tanglin area. Whether you plan to cycle or jog, you can take in the wonderful sights and sceneries while exercising. Alternatively, if you prefer exercising with top-class sports equipment, you will be delighted to know there are various highly rated gyms and fitness studios located in the surrounding area.

Fitness studios such as TFX Fitness and Fitness First offer more than just a place to work out; they also have specialized classes that cater to every individual’s needs. Have fun and work up a sweat with like-minded fitness enthusiasts by participating in high-intensity fitness or yoga sessions. If you prefer a more personalized approach, these fitness studios also offer personal training programs that can be customized to fit your fitness goals.

Children need not feel left out as well if they want to keep fit and stay active. There is a fitness center – The Little Gym – located at Forum Shopping Mall that is dedicated to kids. This gym offers age-appropriate curriculums that are designed to encourage a child’s ongoing development while maximizing their fun.

2. Education

Relocating to a new home affects more than just the individual. If you have children or are planning to have kids, you need to consider your child’s educational needs when buying a new house. As a parent, it is understandable for you to be concerned about your children’s safety. You will likely want to enroll your kids in a school near your home, so they don’t have to travel far to attend school.

This mindset is likely shared by every parent, which is why properties that are located near renowned educational institutes are often more expensive. Situated within the Tanglin estate and its surrounding area are multiple schools that are popular with many Singaporeans. Let us share the list of notable schools you can enroll your child in should you relocate to Tanglin:

Primary Schools

  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
  • River Valley Primary School
  • Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (Primary)

Secondary Schools

  • Crescent Girls School
  • Gan Eng Seng School
  • Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (Secondary)

International Schools

  • Ascensia International School
  • EtonHouse International School (Orchard)
  • Invictus International School (Dempsey)

Art School

  • School of the Arts Singapore

3. Transport

In addition to the amenities situated nearby, another factor that often dictates the value of a property is the transport available in the area and its proximity to said property. While Tanglin is a fairly large estate, with many of its nearest MRT stations, Orchard (NS22), Botanic Gardens (DT9), and Stevens (DT10), located in the fringe areas, there are several bus services in the area that travel to the aforementioned stations. This makes it convenient for residents living in Tanglin to access these MRT stations should the need arises.

However, it is not uncommon for residents living in Tanglin to drive, so this factor may not be as high of a priority for some of them. Nevertheless, it is certainly convenient for them and likely another contributing factor to the property values in the estate. Furthermore, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has recognized the need for a dedicated train service to serve the Tanglin community. As part of the Thomas-East Coast Line development, residents can expect two new MRT stations, Napier (TE12) and Orchard Boulevard (TE13), to begin operations in 2022. These train stations will provide residents with greater accessibility when they travel to and from Tanglin. This expansion to the existing transport system will undoubtedly drive the value of the properties up even further.

Properties to keep an eye on

The properties in District 10 have always been hot commodities due to their multitude of top-notch amenities and convenient locations. Therefore, it is no surprise that the properties in Tanglin have appreciated by over 40% within the past five years. We believe this trend is not going to stop anytime soon.

This is because Tanglin has always been a high rent, expatriate area. As is often the case, most of these expats are temporarily assigned to Singapore for work-related reasons. Since this relocation is provisional, most expats prefer to rent a property near their office rather than commit a considerable fortune to a new house. Therefore, if you are eyeing a property in Tanglin for investment reasons, it is advisable for you to strike while the iron is hot before property values rise again.

Some notable projects we believe are worth looking at include White House Residences and Timeless @ Makepeace Road. Both properties are located within close proximity to Newton (NS21) MRT station, so they can provide your tenants with greater accessibility compared to the other listings in the area, which is ideal if they don’t own a vehicle.


Tanglin has always been an estate for the rich, and we don’t see this trend stopping. While this means that properties in the estate will remain expensive, we believe their values will only continue to trend upwards given the extensive amenities and robust transport system available in the surrounding area. Moreover, we foresee that the rental demand for Tanglin properties will remain consistent as expats continue to relocate to Singapore for work.

All of these factors combined have sustained the property values found in this estate. Therefore, if you are eyeing any property in Tanglin, we will advise you to move quickly to complete the deal before the house appreciates again.

However, before you begin your house-hunting, it is advisable to engage the services of a property agent. The right agent can help you secure the best deal possible. Here at Selling Singapore, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 8157 4855 for a coffee session so we can better understand your requirements. Allow our agents to provide you with sound advice and guide you in choosing your ideal home.

The Rich’s Estate: Our Agents Share Why Tanglin Properties Are Expensive