Marine Parade: What To Know Before Hiring A Property Agent

With its close proximity to East Coast Park and a perfect view of the sea, the properties in Marine Parade has been a hot commodity ever since the first housing blocks were built back in 1972.

Before land reclamation works began back in 1966, Marine Parade used to be a part of Katong, and this is where the majority of the wealthy Penarakan community in Singapore reside. Over the years, the area has expanded, with various commercial buildings and amenities popping up and interwoven amongst the many housing developments.

These installations have only led to increased demand whenever a new housing development project was announced by the Housing Development Board (HDB). Suppose you are one of the many Singaporeans dreaming of owning a beachfront property. In that case, it is essential for you to do your homework before engaging a property agent to help you with your house-hunting. Let us provide a sneak peek at what you can expect when you purchase a property in Marine Parade.


Do a quick google search for good food in the eastern parts of Singapore, and the Marine Parade/Katong area is sure to pop up in the top few searches. With the variety of food available, it is always challenging for us to decide what to eat when we are in the area. However, there are two dishes that never fail to satisfy our tummy whenever we are feeling ravenous. If you find yourself in Marine Parade, these are the must-try food you have to sample.

328 Katong Laksa

Marine Parade Property Agent

Image credit: 328 Katong Laksa

You can’t speak of Marine Parade and Katong without thinking of its famous Katong laksa. This dish has practically become synonymous with the area. Its reputation has only been enhanced after celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay lost a laksa cookoff with its founder back in 2013.

For the uninitiated, there is only a spoon provided for your consumption of the dish.  However, most who have tried its laksa will argue there is no greater feeling than slurping down the piping hot vermicelli with a spoonful of its gravy. The serving is generous, and we always leave with a satisfied stomach and a smile on our face.

Address: 216 East Coast Road, Singapore 428914
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 9AM – 9PM

Beach Road Prawn Mee

Marine Parade Property Agent

Image credit: DanielFoodDiary

Prawn mee is another staple dish for many Singaporeans. Despite its near-constant presence in most coffee shops, it can be challenging to find a stall that wows you. Thankfully, Beach Road Prawn Mee delivers on all accounts.

The prawn broth typically makes or breaks this dish, and very few chefs have managed to infuse the sweetness of the prawn into their soup. This stall is one of the rare exceptions, and their broth ranks among the very best in Singapore. The yellow noodle is cooked to perfection, and there is no alkaline aftertaste that is typically associated with this type of noodle.

Address: 370 East Coast Road, Singapore 428981
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed – Sun 7AM – 4PM | Closed on Tues


After a hearty meal, it is ideal to go for a walk to help digest all the food you’ve just consumed. The great news is, East Coast Park is only a stone’s throw away from the various delicious eateries in Marine Parade.

There is a sense of tranquillity as you slowly make your way down the coastline, with the warm, gentle sea breeze blowing in your face. It is easy to empty your mind and just soak in the beautiful sight while strolling down the beach.

As you make your way down this fifteen kilometers stretch, you will notice various bicycle rental stalls situated along the area. East Coast Park is a popular cycling route, and it is common to see cyclists gathering at the park during the weekends. We can think of no better way to spend the weekend with your family than with a fun-filled day cycling through the park.

As the sun proceeds to set on a fulfilling day, the park is an ideal spot for a family picnic to end the day on a high. Alternatively, you can rent the numerous barbecue pits scattered throughout the area for a family BBQ session.


In addition to food and recreation, there are several factors you need to consider before selling your property and relocating to a new home. The amenities available near the new estate are often the key deciding factor, as convenience gradually becomes the buzzword for Singaporeans looking for a new property.

Marine Parade is home to some of the most renowned educational institutes. One of the famous schools found in Marine Parade is Tao Nan Primary School. There is fierce competition every year for an enrolment slot with registrations constantly exceeding the assigned capacity. As such, priority is often given to those that live near the school during the balloting process.

With more than 20% of its residents over the age of 65, the government has strived to accommodate the elderly population by implementing senior-friendly policies around the estate. The bus stops located around Marine Parade have been redesigned to make it more convenient for the elderly to utilise and the various drain covers littered throughout the area have been coated with anti-slip paint.

There is also a polyclinic, SingHealth Polyclinics – Marine Parade, situated at the heart of town that the seniors can visit should they need to consult a doctor. Lastly, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has also outlined plans to improve the accessibility of the area, with four new MRT stations, Marine Parade Station, Marine Terrace Station, Tanjong Katong Station, and Katong Park Station currently in development and expected to be completed by 2023.


We hope our list has helped paint a clearer picture of what you can expect should you relocate to Marine Parade. Suppose its laid-back, relaxed vibe speaks to you, and you are actively looking for a property in this area. In that case, you should consider engaging the services of a property agent.

At Selling Singapore, our client’s  comfort and needs are our main priorities. We understand how challenging and stressful it is to look for a new property while seeking to sell your home simultaneously. Allow us to take this load off your mind and put you at ease.

With a combined experience of over 45 years, our team of experts have seen it all, and they are well-equipped to handle any situations. We guarantee we can help you sell your home or condo fast so that you can utilize the cash to finance your new dream home. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 8157 4855 for a coffee session, so we can better understand and meet your expectations.

Marine Parade: What To Know Before Hiring A Property Agent