Freehold Terrace at Charlton Lane Sold Within 14 Days!

How Did Selling Singapore Receive This Listing?

The home owner saw Selling Singapore’s YouTube sponsored ad which basically targeted home sellers who are seriously looking for reliable realtors.

The owner called immediately and met us on the same day, saying that they were considering 2 choices, either to sell or rebuild their property unit.

What Was The Home Seller’s Challenge?

The owner of freehold terrace told us that they had missed a great buy opportunity so he had decided to dispose this unit to financially and legally prepare for a first-timer BSD entry.

Due to the competition, there was a need for this landed house to declutter and re-style. The key concern was to make way for space so that the house truly looked spacious the way it originally was.

How We Have Helped?

Selling Singapore proceeded to offer the ground work and point out the potential risks and opportunities if they were to rebuild or sell their landed property respectively.

After a thorough consultation, the owner had finally decided that they would make a move on fund consolidation strategy, to capitalize on good buys in the current market.

Furniture and home staging team was deployed to kick in suitable furniture and re-style the area with modern home design. This helped the potential buyers to visualize the space in a more appealing way.

We engaged our full SS marketing strategy to ensure that the owner’s listing reached out to the best potential audiences.

How Was The Final Result?

We had had 2 subsequent weeks of open houses on Saturday which lasted for about 2 hours, starting from 10am in the morning.

In about 10 days, we received 4 good buying offers. Most importantly, we have successfully achieved an all-time high exit record for this home seller.

How Our Home Seller Felt?

They were overjoyed and invited us over to compliment on our haste and expertise. Given the full trust, they wanted Selling Singapore to plan for the next moves to possibly offload another asset and purchase their next dream home.  

What Types of Units Were Previously Sold In 14 Days?

Selling Singapore typically works with high-valued properties such as resale or new launch condominiums and landed houses. In some cases, we have helped HDB owners to perform detailed HDB upgrade and convert to become a Condominium Owner. Some of our past properties sold in 14 days include Regent Grove, The Glades, freehold inter-terrace at Kovan and etc.

How We Serve Our Clients?

From the very first day a seller engages Selling Singapore, he or she shall be greeted by a warm and friendly tone. Every seller and buyer are carefully taken care of, as much as every home is precious and unique.

This one-time purchase could last a lifetime and every client wants the transaction to be done right. “Selling Homes and Building Dreams” is the reason we derived our service from.

What’s Our Conduct?

If you are looking for a team that understands you and your buyer well enough to put things into perspectives so that you can transit smoothly from where you’re at to where you want to be in the next 3 to 6 months, we think we’re well positioned to make this happens for you. Today, we have performed more than 500 property transactions and our clients are very satisfied to have found their dream homes. And, today we have received over 65 happy client referrals! The result truly speaks for itself!

Just reach out to us for a chat and we’ll be happy to discuss over a coffee session on what are your options and next possible steps to take.

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