Bukit Merah Property Agent

Bukit Merah: What To Know Before Hiring A Property Agent

Bukit Merah, which means red hill in Malay, is one of Singapore’s most underrated estate. Located between the city center and the intact nature parks near Mount Faber, this area is a hive of activity and has a treasure trove of food options to explore. Deriving its name from the red soil discovered around the hilly sites of Henderson and Lengkok Bahru, Bukit Merah was initially used as a plantation...

Punggol Property Agent

What To Know About Punggol Before Hiring A Property Agent

It is hard to imagine Punggol as the humble farming village it was before. This estate has undergone a significant overhaul to become the bustling waterfront town it is today. This transformation has not gone unnoticed, and Punggol is becoming one of the more popular estates among Singaporeans. During the mid 20th century, the area used to be dotted with various farmhouses as many Singaporeans were...

Seng Kang Property Agent

What To Know About Sengkang Before Hiring A Property Agent

Sengkang has undergone a massive transformation from its humble beginning as a fishing harbor to the modern estate that Singaporeans are now familiar with. Originally named Kangkar, due to the port and fishing village found along Sungei Serangoon, the area served as a harbor for fishermen to peddle their goods. With Singapore’s transition into modern times, these fishing villages were torn down and...

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