Tanglin Property Agent

The Rich’s Estate: Our Agents Share Why Tanglin Properties Are Expensive

When someone mentions Tanglin, the first word that comes to your mind will probably be “luxury”. That should come as no surprise for anyone familiar with the estate. One glance, and you will notice the rows of prestigious apartments, semi-detached houses, and condominiums littered throughout the place. Moreover, surrounding these high-end properties are famous five-star hotels such as Shangri-La...

Bedok Property Agent

Our Agents Share 4 Reasons Why Bedok’s Properties Are Popular

Bedok is one of the oldest estates in Singapore, but the properties in the area remain in constant demand whenever they are listed for sale. In fact, the name Bedok has been around since the days of Sir Stamford Raffles, which serves to showcase the town’s longevity. Many have speculated that the name Bedok was derived from the Malay word “Bedoh”, which means huge drum. This is because there used to...

Bukit Timah Property Agents

Why Agents Are Seeing Demand For Properties In Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah’s name arose from a corruption of the name of the Temak trees that grew in the area. As Singapore used to be a British colony, the westerners misheard the word “Temak” for “Timah”. Furthermore, these trees were located on the hill near the estate. Hill in Malay means “Bukit”, and when these two words were fused, the town was christened Bukit Timah, which means Tin Hill. Today,...

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