Agent Insight: Why Properties in Novena Are Hot Commodities

Located in the central regions of Singapore, the properties in Novena are in constant demand, especially among expats, and it is not difficult to figure out why. Orchard is only two train stations away via MRT, and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) is situated near the area. While the location is a key factor in the estate’s popularity, there are also various other elements that help to contribute to the high interest in the properties here. Allow our agents to share the reasons why.

A brief history of Novena

Did you know that the estate’s name has a history that spans over seven decades? This means the name “Novena” predates our nation’s independence. So, where did the name originate from?

In 1935, a group of Redemptorist priests travelled to Singapore to carry out mission work. After renting various properties near the estate, they eventually settled on No. 300 Thomson Road, where they commissioned the development of the Church of Saint Alphonsus, or as it is more commonly known, Novena Church. The name “Novena Church” was a reference to the novena prayer devotion carried out in this building, for which it is famous for. The church proved to be so popular that it has influenced the estate’s name and its associated roads.

Why are the properties in Novena in demand?

1. Amenities

Novena is perfect for anyone looking to experience city living but who wish to avoid the hustle and bustle that comes with staying close to town. This estate offers the best of both worlds in this regard as it does not have the constant crowd you will see at Orchard while still being well-supported by various transport options.

If you work in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore, you will see your travel time significantly reduced when you stay in Novena. An MRT station, Novena (NS20), is located within the estate, so you do not have to take the bus beforehand if you need to commute via train. Due to the close proximity of Novena to the other CBD areas, you will likely reach your destination within half an hour.

Furthermore, with the expansion of the Thomas-East Coast Line, residents will soon have more options if they need to travel to other regions of Singapore. While this new MRT line will not intersect with Novena MRT station, there are connecting interchanges at Orchard (NS22) and Stevens (DT10) MRT stations, which are located close to Novena.

Located above Novena MRT station are two shopping malls, Square 2 and Velocity@Novena Square, that provide the wider Novena community with a wealth of entertainment and dining options. There is also a Cold Storage located on the first level of Novena Square to satisfy the residents’ grocery needs. If you are unable to find what you are looking for within these two malls, you can head on over to United Square Shopping Mall, which is only a five minutes walk away, or take the train to Orchard for even more choices.

Another benefit of staying in Novena is that you have quick and easy access to medical treatment if you require them since Tan Tock Seng Hospital is situated in the estate. If you or your family members have an underlying medical condition and are required to visit a specialist regularly, you will no longer have to travel a fair distance for your medical appointments.

2. Education

If you have kids or are planning to start a family, you will be delighted to know there are various educational institutes of varying levels close to Novena. Here are some of the notable schools in the area:

Primary Schools

  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
  • Balestier Hill Primary School
  • Beng Wan Primary School
  • CHIJ Primary School
  • Moulmein Primary School
  • Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (Primary)
  • St Joseph’s Institution (Junior)

Secondary Schools

  • Balestier Hill Secondary School
  • CHIJ Secondary School
  • Singapore Chinese Girl’s School (Secondary)

International Schools

  • EtonHouse International School (Orchard)
  • Invictus International School (Dempsey)

Several of the schools listed here are renowned institutes that are popular among many Singaporeans. If you are interested in sending your kids to these schools, you may stand a better chance of doing so when you stay in Novena. This is because residents living close to the schools are given priority admissions during the balloting process.

3. New developments in Novena

The amenities found in Novena and its prime location have contributed significantly to the value of the properties in the area, and we believe the prices will only increase in the near future. This is because the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has announced new additions and enhancements to the estate that will likely drive up demand for the properties in Novena. Let us share the highlights of the URA’s Master Plan for this area.

-Health City Novena

Realising the need to improve Singapore’s healthcare system to better cope with the demands of an ageing population, the government plans to expand Tan Tock Seng Hospital so it can serve as an integrated care hub for Singaporeans. Development is well underway, and the project is expected to be completed by 2030.

-A new park at Whampoa Road

There is also a new park planned at Whampoa Road that will add new recreational spaces and greenery for residents. This new park will be segmented into three zones: Active, Passive, and Transition Zones to fit the residents’ needs.

The playground and fitness zone will be situated in the Active Zone, where residents of all ages can engage in play, fitness or wellness activities. The Passive Zone will allow for more quiet activities, such as a casual stroll, with viewing decks installed so parkgoers can enjoy Sungei Whampoa’s view. Lastly, the Transition Zone, which is located at the eastern side of the park, will transit residents from the previous two zones to the bustling Whampoa Community Club.

-New park connectors along Sungei Whampoa and Adam Road

If you are a cycling enthusiast who regularly uses the park connectors for cycling around Singapore, you will be glad to know that the URA is planning to implement new park connectors that will link Sungei Whampoa and Adam Road. These new connectors will enhance the connectivity for residents and visitors alike and make it easier for you to travel west to Bukit Timah and the Botanic Gardens.

4. Attractive rental prices for investors

It is not just homeowners who are actively registering their interests in Novena’s properties. Numerous investors are looking to snap up available listings so they can put these houses are up for rent. Let us share some of the rental prices our agents notice in the market.

Rental prices for Novena properties:

  • Studio apartment/one-bedroom home – estimated price of $2400/month
  • Two-bedroom home – estimated price of $3500/month
  • Three-bedroom home – estimated price of $4300/month
  • Four-bedroom home – estimated price of $7250/month

These are impressive figures, and they showcase the earning potential these properties have. These high rental figures are likely attributed to the constant interest generated by expats. Due to its location and amenities, Novena is the ideal estate for the expat community.

In addition to the numerous public schools located in the surrounding area, there are various international schools, such as Stamford America International School and EtonHouse International School, located nearby. Furthermore, the likelihood of an expat working in the CDB areas is high. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for them to consider renting a property near their office for their convenience.


Located in one of the prime areas of Singapore, Novena is ideal for those looking for convenience while hoping to avoid the crowd and noise that is often associated with city living. If you believe Novena is the perfect estate for you, then it is best for you to engage a property agent to assist you with your house-hunting.

At Selling Singapore, we understand the challenge Singaporeans face when searching for a new home. Not only do you have to search for a new property, but you will also have to find a buyer for your current house. Allow us to provide you with peace of mind by assisting you with both matters. Our team has completed transactions of 594 homes islandwide in 2021, and we are confident that we can help you sell your condo or home fast so you can use the money to finance your dream home in Novena. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 8157 4855 for a quick catch-up session so we can better understand your needs.

Agent Insight: Why Properties in Novena Are Hot Commodities