159 Bishan Executive Maisonette Unit Sold Within 14 Days!

How Did Client Know About Selling Singapore?

This is a case of buyer turned seller.

The buyer saw our listing on Opal Suites and felt an instant connection to our approach, so they decided to book an online appointment to discuss about their options the following week.

Why Did the Client Decide to Buy A New Unit?

This was a classic case of right sizing. As the owner’s children had grown and moved out of the house, the space was too big for 3. Hence, a smaller and cozier space would be much ideal for the family.

Additionally, climbing the stairs in the EM house was an inconvenience to our aging clients, so they wanted to look at the option of owning a condominium.

What Were The Challenges Faced?

The owners had very strong inhibitions due to the past encounter. They had tried selling the place through 5 agents but never succeed! Some gave them poor offers of 20% below the market value. They were really disheartened by the undesirable results and felt reluctant to proceed with any poor offer. 

How Selling Singapore Team Had Helped?

Selling Singapore spent weeks sharing market data and insights of the current trends. This had given them an idea of how they can upgrade without touching their
current cash savings reserve, and comfortably convert into a condominium owner.

We helped the owners to process through a complete exit from the 159 Bishan Executive Maisonette and provided them the best entry options into several resales and new launches. This was achieved by using the step-by-step SS marketing

When the sellers were certain with the comprehensive details, they were ready to move things forward and proceeded with home decluttering.  

We brought in the media team to film and set up their marketing funnel to ensure that they readily receive the right home offers that they deserve.

During the open house, we conducted full viewing preparations, such as open house staggering viewings, light music, full brightness, full viewing privacy and digital floor plans were provided to buyers for rapid comparison and decision.

What Was The Final Result?

For the next week, we had 2 back-to-back open houses on both Saturday and Sunday, with a total of 6 viewing slots fully booked. Each of them translated to 3
subsequent offers.

We closed 10k slightly below the all-time high record from 8 years ago, which in our
opinion was a pretty good deal clinched during the difficult Covid-19 season.

How We Sold In 14 Days?

If you haven’t check out our webpage on ‘15 Reasons to Engage Selling Singapore’, check out the 15 key factors why our sellers had previously engaged us. 

We are focused in bringing positive result and experience to our clients, partnering them for life and some, for generations. The true dedication comes from the fact that Selling Singapore has received over 65 happy client referrals and we placed high importance in service excellence which has paid off so far.

What Is Our Service Orientation?

From the very first day a seller engages Selling Singapore, he or she shall be greeted
by a warm and friendly tone. Every seller and buyer are carefully taken care
of, as much as every home is precious and unique.

This one-time purchase could last a lifetime and every client wants the transaction to be done right. “Selling Homes and Building Dreams” is the reason we derived our service from. 

How To Engage Selling Singapore?

If you are looking for a team that understands you and your buyer well enough to put things into perspectives so that you can transit smoothly from where you’re at to where you want to be in the next 3 to 6 months, we think we’re well positioned to make this happens for you.

Just reach out to us for a chat and we’ll be happy to discuss over a coffee session on what are your options and next possible steps to take.

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